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https://www.felicityjane.com.au/ The specificity of this type of Internet marketing is not the anonymity of the advertisement and not in that spam — unsolicited emails (many types of ads are unsolicited or "unauthorized", many of them anonymous). These parameters can then be adjusted according to the results of search engines. This newsletter reminds subscribers about the website and business owner, informing and encouraging repeat visits.




November 2015

In analyzing the effectiveness of search engine optimization estimated cost of targeted visitors with time to get your site listed on the position and the conversion of the site.


March 2016

Geocontext advertising — although under geocontext advertising often see ads in mobile phones taking into account the user's location, advertising on web maps (e.g.


June 2016

On this basis the spam is not advertising, because advertising is, by definition, uses the pay channels of communicating the message to the audience.